Inspired by those I’ve met on my own journey to heal years of chronic pain, Root2Being explores what integrated holistic healthcare means, and how we can make this accessible and affordable for all.   

Root2Being is evolving.  What started in 2005 as a personal story and leading resource on foot shape and function is turning into a mission to make integrated, holistic healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

The experiences of my own chronic pain journey, caused through faulty foot function (hyperpronation) taught me first hand the need to address and rebalance physical, emotional and spiritual health in order to regain good health.

I believe no-one should have to suffer chronic illness. It is a choice we make because we don’t understand enough about how our mind, body and spirit work.

As Root2Being evolves, you’ll see these threads coming together:

  1. The popular factual information on Foot Shape and Function
  2. My own family’s journey to reuniting blood and long lost adoptive relatives (which has been part of a collective emotional healing process, as well as confirming the inherited biomechanical weaknesses we share)
  3. Interviews with range of healthcare practitioners, exploring the alternative and holistic healthcare fields (e.g., Sunshine Health Food Shop in Stroud)
  4. Knowledge and information about the Earths shift into 5D consciousness, shared for now via the Root2Being Facebook page.  The Root2Being journey is so integral to this – I now realise I have been using Root2Being to catalogue my own ascension and cleansing process over many years.  I (along with others) have been cleansing and purging ourselves in order to help prepare the earth and all inhabitants to make this mass collective consciousness ascension, kickstarting Autumn 2015.

I’m collaborating with photojournalist Ion Mates to explore creative and engaging ways to share the Root2Being story.   The first installment explores my transition from chronic pain victim to selfless helper, and why Dr. Cherye Roche, Clinic Director at Pure Healthcare, in New Zealand supports the Root2Being concept.

My vision is to create a gym / clinic / healthcare centre that embraces a range of alternative and orthodox treatments, delivered by a team of practitioners working together to help each and every patient regain their optimum health and wellbeing.  To me, this means bringing alternative and orthodox medicine together, along with greater spiritual wellbeing as I explain in this video.

Want to know more?  

  • read the Root2Being story at Hotter Shoes, where I explain how their revolutionary shoe design has enabled me to wear heeled shoes and transform my wardrobe;  something I’ve dreamt of but which until now has not been possible.
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