Foot Shape and Function

Foot Shape and Function

Here you’ll find your favourite content* from the original Root2Being website, edited to make it easier to learn:

    1. what foot shape you have
    2. why you’re born with the foot shape you are (hint: its likely inherited, so check your family too)
    3. how your foot shape impacts your body with every single step, and what you can do about it

You take around 10,000 steps every day.  If your feet don’t function as well as they should they will, over time, increase your risk for chronic physical, emotional, and nutritional illness.

It’s precisely because this relatively minor and therefore unnoticed dysfunction is present every single day, that it is usually the silent and unobserved cause of one or more otherwise unexplainable illnesses or injuries, many of which may not appear until later life.

Prescription orthotics designed to correct your foot function are the key to stabilising your foundation, and in turn they will help you reverse existing chronic illnesses or injuries, or reduce the risk of others developing.

This knowledge, and the accurate prescription of orthotics is an emerging area, and there are many horror stories.  That’s why its important to share the factually correct information on Root2Being as widely as possible, to help improve the body of knowledge, skills and capability for the future.

(*analytics data from the original website showed the factual information presented under the Foot Shape and Function section to be the most read content.  Your favourite page of the entire site? The Three Foot Shapes)