Soul Mission and Purpose

Soul Mission and Purpose: Astrology as your guide

I’ve been interested in Astrology since the age of 12; fascinated to learn there may be secrets locked away that we could find by interpreting the code.  I never cease to be amazed by what you can learn through the study of this ancient art.

I’m no professional astrologer, but I have learnt of several key aspects that hold the secret to our soul mission and purpose here during our lifetime:

  1. North Node (what our soul wants to learn in this lifetime, the opposite of what it was good at in the past)
  2. Saturn (the nature of the challenges and obstacles we face in this life, and how we can learn to overcome them)
  3. Destiny’s Gate, or the Vertex (our destiny, or intention for this lifetime)

More to come on these and more in time.  To start your journey into this fascinating area, enter your place, date and time of birth at  Jonathan Cainer provides some great individual charts and reports, through his five star service.